12" x 8" Canvas Print at Canvasonsale.com Review
December 8, 2016 by

"I just got a free 12" x 8" canvas print and I am allowed to share this with you!"
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Free 12x8 Canvas Print at Canvasonsale.com
I like freebies when it's something I actually want, or need. If you have been visiting my blog, you know photo prints are my "thing". I plan to fill the walls of my home office and living room with prints of all types. I only own a few canvases and want more, so I really appreciated and jumped on the opportunity to review CanvasOnSale. I chose to get a print of my kids.
12" x 8" Canvas Print at Canvasonsale.com Review
12" x 8" Canvas Print at Canvasonsale.com Review
The shipping cost was a bit pricey, but still comparable to the cost for shipping at most print companies. The delivery was quick. I was impressed by how soon I received my order after placing it.
In regards to the actual print, here are my thoughts, explained...

In the images above, the difference between the photo I submitted and the canvas I received is evident. The canvas isn't horrible, but it wasn't the quality I expected. The picture is dull, has a bluish tint and the edges are not sharp.

The wrapped corners are neatly folded, but when I turned the canvas around to see the back, I was surprised by the condition. I don't know if I was spoiled by other print companies, but in my experience, I have never had a canvas print where the back was filled with uneven canvas paper and staples on a semi small frame....staples, everywhere.
CanvasOnSale.com review

Canvasonsale.com back Review
It's hand stretched which is something I appreciate, but I also like for the wood to either be covered or at the very least, cut evenly as it is in their youtube video. I rate the canvas "OK".
Print I submitted

Canvas I received