Chalk Art Ideas for Kids and Beginners
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Chalk Art Ideas for Kids and Beginners
November 12, 2012 by Aaronda Manzo

For my first born son's 4th birthday, he was given a crayola sidewalk chalk set with 3D glasses and the works. I was so excited,
I couldn't wait to try it out myself. Problem is, I completely forgot about it until he was around 5 1/2. I have a habit of packing
away things I think my kids are not "ready" for, then forgetting they ever existed. I guess that's how I end up with lots of
identical clothing items.

Anyhoo, good youngest son found the chalk set! Bad news, after he made the discovery, both my kids figured out
their way through the plastic and latch on the box and drew all over their walls. Thank God it's just chalk! My eldest actually
had the nerve to blame his little brother, completely forgetting the fact that his little brother cannot spell yet, barely speaks
fluently and isn't quite ready to write names!

They were finally given the ok to draw on the patio. When I checked in, I was expecting to see the sun, circles, trees or shapes
many kids are quick to create, but instead I saw those beautiful Mr. Potato head shaped people, lol (my son draws humans
with the arms coming out of the space ears would be and super long legs). I'm still trying to work on fixing that!

Creative ideas for children and beginners include drawing what they see. Things like flowers, landscapes, rainbows, a mix of
colors and pets are good choices. Here are a few examples from children at the Chalk Art Festival in Vero Beach.
Girl drawing flower at Chalk Art Festival
Fish at Chalk Art Festival
Abstract Art Festival
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