Remodeling my garden after letting it go
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Remodeling my garden after letting it go
March 23, 2014 by
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Remodeling my garden after letting it go - Black Snake and Anaconda
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I have something to confess. My months of gardening went to waste a long while ago, because I saw a snake and lizards that made me feel as if my backyard was their own, not mine, lol. Usually I'm not afraid of garden snakes, but when I'm in the backyard alone a garden snake starts to look like an anaconda. Eek! With all the different types of garden / garter snakes there are, I can't tell when a poisonous snake is nearby. So to make things simple, I run from them all!

After doing a little research, because I like to look up things on Google, I came across a website named, which reassured me a bit. A few months ago, I posted an inquiry on Facebook regarding holes I noticed on my front lawn. I used to think it was the turtle again, relocating but found out they were vole holes. Knowing the snakes would eat them, makes me happy the snakes exist. I just hope they're away while I'm in my backyard.

With my son's birthday party coming up, I have to make sure my garden area is presentable. This time I'm using ThankYou points to do it. Check out some of the affordable ideas I will be trying from my "Garden Growing" pinterest board. My favorite right now is the cement block raised garden bed. The cement blocks are just $1.20 each block and with dirt and cardboard, it makes for an affordable replacement to what I currently have.