AdoramaPix Photo Book Review
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AdoramaPix Photo Book Review
August 13, 2015 by

This Summer break came and went by so fast! If I didn't snap photos of nearly every experience, I wouldn't have believed I did something in what seems like just a few short weeks of no school. Every few months, I make an photo album because it uses less space than having each photo printed does. I'm used to photo printing websites, so creating a nice book and placing my order was fairly easy. But, for those who may be new to ordering photo books online, there are videos and FAQ's available to help.
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Ronda Writes Product Review Disclaimer: I received the AdoramaPix Photo Book free for the purpose of providing a review of my experience.
The above review is my own honest opinion. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try, and do not believe in. ~ Ronda.
AdoramaPix Photo Book Review
When preparing to create my book, one thing I noticed was that I can actually view photo books created by other users. I don't have anything to hide, I'm pretty much an open book, but I know I did not want any user to be able to view my entire photo book. So, I checked the setting of my album immediately. It was a bit tricky to find out how to do that, because I assumed the option would be in Preferences, but the information is actually under "Sharing Gallery", in Photo Books FAQ. Thankfully the default setting is OFF.
AdoramaPix Photo Book Review
Choosing a template: There are many templates to choose from. Styles for brides, babies, fathers, mothers, trips, etc. I looked for something with a design best suited for summer vacations, and although there was one for trips, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I chose it anyway.

After clicking on different areas of the album cover, I realized I can add and remove parts of the template. I also had the option of moving things around. That's not an option I've ever noticed on any other photo website, so this was exciting! I could even change the layout of any page I chose.
AdoramaPix Photo Book Review
AdoramaPix Photo Book Review
AdoramaPix Photo Book Review
Final Result: The Hard Cover photo book I received came out great. I had an incident with another company where the edge of the book was a little damaged. The way AdoramaPix packaged their book kept it in great condition (Inside of a Styrofoam sheet that is between two thin rectangular pieces of cardboard, that is then cover in two plastic wraps, then placed inside of another thin box). Not a lot of wasted material, just enough to securely hold the photo book.

The pages are neatly inside of the book with pages 1 and 20 being attached to the hardcover. There is no white space between the album pages and the photos, so if you like to write an intro or "To:", you will be writing on a photo. In the binder area, I had already placed what I was going to write in the book there, so this wasn't a problem for me. You can add blank end pages to the front and back of your book for just $2, and you have a choice of 6 different colors.

Cosmetically, this is the most professional looking photo book I've ever ordered online. It has a Luster Finish, which is like a slight matte / sheen look. This is the type I generally choose for my albums because it hides fingerprints. Also, the pages of this book are really thick. Thick like the pages of old school photo albums (you know you remember those!).

It looks as good as my vow renewal ceremony album. I will be placing an order for a copy of this book to give to my Godchildren, so they will have a better keepsake to remember this vacation by...aside from cell phone images!
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AdoramaPix Photo Book Review