I'm always interested in the next big thing for my kids to try, especially when it's fun and they can learn something. I want them to know multiple languages, even if it's in song. So of course, I jumped on the chance to test "Allons Danser - En Francais"!!!

Opening the CD: I noticed a thick booklet inside. I saw that the cover stated "Lyrics and Translations Included", but wow! What I've learned from another language learning system I'm currently trying, is that seeing the words on paper may cause us to pronounce it as an American. For example: the french word
Allons Danser! (Let's Dance) French Learning Songs Review
June 10, 2014 by
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Allons Danser Let's Dance - French Learning Songs Review
Allons Danser! (Let's Dance) French Learning Songs Review
"Comment", means "How are you?". To an American, I know how I'd say it, but when said in French, it sounds more like the Spanish word "como" which in English means "as".

I really like that they chose to add a book that allows you to view the words you're saying, even if it sounds totally different. Plus, the calypso and Latin beats are catchy. The beat is what caused my kids to run into the office even before I called them to listen to the songs!

We actually had a good time listening and dancing to the music. Our favorite was "Le Vieux MacDonald" (Old MacDonald) and we all laughed each time the the singer sang, "wouf"! This was fun and a great way to introduce another language. However, it will take a lot of repetition for my children to remember any of it.

Whistlefritz Allons Danser! En Francais
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