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Anastasia Confections' Coconut Patties Review
September 6, 2014 by

Oh, how I love chocolate covered coconut! In those nasty Valentine's Day mixed boxes of chocolate, I would chew off a tiny piece from every chocolate in the box looking for something with either a caramel filling, nuts or coconut! My gosh, aside from peanut butter and jelly or my husband and I, is there a better match up?

You know me, I love freebies, sharing my thoughts and when I get
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Anastasia Confections is a family owned and operated, US based company located in Orlando, FL. They're less than a 2 hour drive from my home, so I was excited to review the product of a local business. In my initial delivery, I received a 2 count package of Coconut Patties and a 12 count box of individually wrapped Rum Coconut Patties. The chocolate in the 2 count package melted so I was unable to take photos of it, but the coconut was delicious, just very soft. In regards to the Rum Patties, I don't drink alcohol and my husband drinks on occasion but is not a fan of coconut, so that box remains untouched. The following week I received a box of the Classic Original Coconut Patties. The chocolate on the patties were room temperature which means in FL, it melted again. But, because the patties in the box are individually wrapped in clear plastic, I was able to see that they were too soft. So before opening and tasting it, I placed them in the fridge to harden.
Anastasia Confections' Coconut Patties Review
"All coconut and taffy products are certified Kosher!" - Anastasia Confections

After they had a chance to harden, I took them out of the fridge and placed them on the counter. (Photo above is of the coconut patties right out of fridge). One side of the patty is covered in dark chocolate, the other side is bare. I was eager to try them, but since they just came out of the fridge, they were hard. I ate it anyway and enjoyed it!

My likes: After allowing it to soften, the taste reminded me of Mounds chocolate, but with more coconut. I love Mounds, so for me that's a good thing. I also like that it's individually packaged so I don't have to worry about leaving a package opened after I eat one.

My dislikes: The price and how it's delivered. This is quality chocolate and quality coconut, so expect it to cost a bit more than coconut patties that are readily available in most stores. These are the patties you'd probably buy when you want to treat yourself or someone else to something more exclusive.

Regarding the delivery, I'm not sure how chocolate is usually shipped to prevent it from melting when shipped to homes, but some type of specialty packaging should be considered.

Other than the mentioned issues, these were delicious, so I enjoyed doing this review!

  • Original
  • Key Lime
  • Pina Colada
  • Almond
  • Orange
  • Mango
  • Tropical
  • Rum


8 oz boxes, 12 oz boxes, 16 oz boxes and larger quantities.
Anastasia Confections' Coconut Patties Review
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