Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolate Cookies
October 11, 2015 by

I love chocolate!!!!!

Disclaimer: I received the above product free to the purpose of trying and sharing an honest review. All opinions are my own.

From Arnotts:
"Arnott’s Tim Tam cookies are made in Arnott’s Huntingwood Bakery in New South Wales, Australia and imported for you to enjoy.

Best way to eat it?
"An Arnott’s Tim Tam Slam, of course! Bite opposite corners of the cookie off, submerge one end in a hot beverage (think coffee or tea) and use it as your “straw-way” to heaven — suck until you taste the drink. With the inner cookie softening and the chocolaty coating melting into a swirl of gooey goodness, you have to cram the rest of your Arnott’s® Tim Tam® cookie into your mouth before it collapses. Trust us: it’s as magical as it sounds."
Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolate Cookies
Diet or not, it's hard for me to turn down an opportunity to eat chocolate...especially if it's free! As soon as the package of Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolate Cookies arrived, my kids were ready to dig in. I never heard of this brand or tried anything quite like it, so I was excited. Maybe a little too excited since I start my mornings with a smoothie and work towards a healthy, productive day. But, it was on my counter, so I had to taste one... <cough> for research purposes of course!
Two crunchy chocolate biscuits connected with a layer of chocolate in the middle and covered in chocolate. Comparing this to something my mouth is already familiar with, it tastes like the cookie part of a Twix. My mouth is watering describing it...

It tastes great, but this treat will take some self control once it's in your home, because just two cookies contain 190 calories! However, since two cookies are about the size of a chocolate bar, it has less calories than your usual candy of choice.
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