Avigo Neon Fuzion Light Up Scooter
April 30, 2014 by

My kids were talking about how much they "reeeeally" wanted a scooter, and with all the toys we have here, there was no way I was going to buy it. They chose to use their own money and asked me to order it. We saw the Avigo Neon Fuzion Light Up Scooter for $40 each minus my $10 coupon, so the cost for two was around $75 after taxes. It would take a few days to arrive...

During our wait, the Razor scooters went on sale for just $19.99. I really thought about buying the Razor instead since I know it's a simple / quality product, but we all liked the light up feature on the Avigo and saw that they had pretty good ratings for other items. It arrived today, packaged securely and literally took less than 30 seconds to get it user ready. All I had to do was unfold, push in the handle bars, and raise the bar height. The light up feature was even nicer to see in person and I'm so excited for my kids to come home from school and see it waiting for them.

So far, my only issue with this scooter is that the handles are not as tight as I would like for them to be. They never had a kick scooter before, so I'm not sure if that's normal, but I would like to it to be as sturdy as bicycle handle bars.

Since it's new, I can't comment on its durability yet, but I will update this post after some use!
Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion of this product.
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Avigo Neon Fuzion Light Up Scooter