Taste test:
Fiber Mini I'm not sure why, but no matter what part of the house my kids are in, as soon as I open up something containing food, they appear. As I opened the box, I saw my 4 year old's hands reach for the Fiber Mini. I told him to stop and he did long enough for me to snap a picture, then he was gone. He liked it, and so did I. It tastes like a granola bar, but you know how some granola bars have raisins in it, this one tastes as if it was made OUT OF raisins.

Oloves Didn't like this at all. I'm not a huge fan of olives anyway, so I had a feeling I wouldn't like the chili flavored. They were soft and had a weird after taste. I also expected it to be hot based on the name, but they were not. Maybe a sweeter flavor instead of chili would've been to my liking, but this tasted like salt, olive oil and olives to me. If you like olives, try this and tell me what you think!

Healthy Grains Surprisingly good. It's gluten free, has 3 grams of fiber, all natural, no refined sugars, no trans fat, no cholesterol, low sodium, etc. It's great as cereal. On the package it says "enjoy the way you like" so I tried it every way pictured. By itself, on yogurt and with milk. I enjoyed it by itself and with milk, but not much over yogurt. I'll like my yogurts without a crunch!

Hemp Seeds I Love Seeds, especially when the shells are removed for me! This was like eating sunflower seeds without having to work for it! I poured them into my hands, ate them and was satisfied.

EBOOST Juice Flavoring I received an Acai Pomegranate flavor and a Pink Lemonade flavor packet. They really did have a boost to them. I was expecting them to taste more like juice, but initially they tasted like one of those flavored seltzer drinks. I actually liked them. No sugar, no artificial flavors, no gluten or soy. Hmm...definitely different from what I would normally choose, but I could see myself trying this again! I'm stuck working at the computer daily, so I could surely use the boost!

Lastly, Honey Crystals Very good. I usually only add honey to a drink when it's honey and lemons I'm drinking to fight a cold. I added the crystals to my tea thinking it would take a while to sweeten up to my liking. I usually use one tea spoon of regular sugar for my glass, but I was able to use just one packet!

This is a great program for people like me who are interested in changing the way they eat. If you're lost when it comes to picking healthy food, what can be easier then someone else doing it for you and eliminating the guess work? Although I did not like everything in the box, there were items I liked that I did not think I would. So it opened me up to new things. None of the products in the box were things I would look for in a store, so this is very helpful!

Want to try a box of Bestowed's favorites? Enter for a chance to win a one month subscription now! (contest ends 4/30/13)

Can't wait? Join and purchase your own box of Bestowed for a $19/month membership or pay $209 for the year.

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Use promo code: 5OFFBSTOWED01

Disclaimer: I received the above product from Bestowed for the purpose of a review.
The above review is my own honest opinion of this product. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try, and do not believe in.
Bestowed Box of Healthy Food Product Samples
April 10, 2013 by

My older sister is a juicer / healthy food eating type of girl and I always admired her dedication...and shape...but it's just not me! Those who know me, know I'm not the healthiest eater. I choose to eat what tastes good. I like potatoes, ribs, wings, BBQ sauce and OMG french fries! Things that can be found in the freezer section and other things that will have me sitting back with my pants unbuttoned, uncomfortably full, but oh so satisfied!!! Don't get me wrong, I cook. I try to incorporate healthy meals, especially now that I'm trying to lose weight, but honestly, I do not go out of my way (I want to change that). I was a little nervous when asked to sample and review a Bestowed box of healthy treats. But figured, this can be an exciting new beginning for me! Here's my review...

Founded by Nutritionist and Author Heather Bauer, bestowed is pretty much a food subscription service. For just $19/month, at least 5 healthy foods or food products chosen by Heather, will be delivered right to your door! I checked out the website to see what kinds of snacks were available, and was surprised by the variety of foods offered. Many products I never heard of. Organic Coconut Butter? Pumpkin Butter? Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread? What? Then I saw things I have tried before but healthier and from a different brand. Food with lots of fiber and all I could think was, geez...I'm already "regular", what's that going to do to me? LOL.

On my blog, I don't hold back my thoughts. I think that's why people read it. So understand that I kept my fingers crossed hoping I would get something I'll actually like so I will have good things to report about. But consider who I am (a semi-fast food junkie who blogs heavily opinionated rants and raves) and take a look at the photo above (Isn't that rabbit food?), can you guess what I was thinking when I opened that box? It was exactly what I pictured someone who is fit and can survive in the wilderness eating just berries or leaves would eat. Where's the beef? Seriously, not even a beef jerky???

In the box:
  • Healthy Grains Oat and Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut
  • A few High Fiber Mini Cinnamon Raisin snacks
  • A package of Hemp Hearts (Hemp Seeds)
  • Two packets of Eboost juice flavoring
  • A few packets of Honey Crystals
  • A bag of Oloves - Hot Chili Mama Olives

Bestowed box of 5 healthy food product samples
Bestowed Oloves Hot Chilli Mama Olives Review
Bestowed Healthy Grains Oats and Honey Review

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