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BODYARMOR Sports Drink
February 15, 2015 by

When I was young(er), I played sports, worked out daily and did something a lot of kids do not do today...I played outside! I tried a different brand sports drink during my active years and did not like it. The taste reminded me of water with a squirt of lemon, salt and a tablespoon of sugar. I couldn't understand the fixation other athletes had with it. Back then, that sports drink was our only option, because we were told it was better to drink than water, since it provides the right balance as we played and sweat. I just couldn't take it!
Body Armor Sports Drink
BODYARMOR Sports Drink
Today, when my children are active and thirsty, we usually turn to water, just water. We've never been fans of sports drinks because of the sugar and salt. They're not active (yet) to the point where the additional sodium is necessary, but they will be joining local teams soon. Since the chance to try a drink that will provide them with the hydration and electrolytes they may need is available, I wanted to learn more and take advantage of the opportunity to try!

Also, now that I'm back to exercising daily, and attempting to make it frequently, I need something to keep me leveled. I drink A LOT of water and sometimes I feel as if my head is spinning. So, I'm hoping BODYARMOR gives me exactly what I need to stay on track without feeling as if I have no energy afterward. At the Valentine's Day party we hosted yesterday, we had our fill of sweets, so today we had to make up for the excess indulging. A long walk was in order and some weight training. Followed by tasting the flavors of BODYARMOR!
BODYARMOR Sports Drink
NO Caffeine
NO Preservatives
Gluten FREE
Certified Kosher

Mixed Berry
Tropical Punch
Strawberry Banana
Orange Mango
Fruit Punch
At the Valentine's Day party the boys played a game of football and posed with their BODYARMOR.
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BODYARMOR Infographic
We sat down and did a taste test of every flavor. All of the flavors were good, but when the drinks are cold they taste way better! The four bottles outside of the box in the above photo won our votes! My children especially liked the Tropical Punch and Fruit Punch. They thought those flavors tasted like Capri Suns.

Note: If you're like me and prefer watery drinks, you'll prefer these drinks cool, not at room temperature. At room temperature they taste similar to other sports drinks. When cold, they taste more like sweetened water which is a taste I like. Also, if you're not a fan of coconut water, do not choose the grape, for some reason I notice the coconut flavor in that most.
Thoughts: I would buy these. They're made with better ingredients, have a taste I can tolerate and they're available locally. Now that I will officially be a soccer / football / basketball mom, I have to make sure my boys have everything they need. I'm also getting some for myself because although I love water, I need something more after my workouts!