Bulu Box of Weight Loss Product Samples Review
September 19, 2013 by
Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion of this product. Please understand that I
would NEVER recommend a product I did not try, and do not believe in.
Bulu Box of Weight Loss Product Samples Review

-Naturade Total Soy Meal Replacement Protein Shake, 1.27 oz. (19.05 oz container is sold for $13.99 on Bulu Box. Doing the math, it's basically worth $.93)

-Body Glove Surge All Natural Chocolate Energy Gel, 1.05 oz. (12 pack is $35.88 on Bulu Box, $2.99 each)

-BSN Amino X Non Caffeinated Endurance and Recovery Agent, 0.51 oz. (2.23 lb (35.68 oz) can is $29.99, this is worth about $0.42)

-and a 14 ct bottle of Shapeology Burn Blend. (60 ct is now $34.99 on Bulu Box, but the sample received says free trial, what's that about?) Pretend the bottle didn't have a free trial sticker on it, it would have an $8.17 value.

Not bad, but do the products work? My thoughts:

A 14 ct dietary supplement is enough for me to see if I like it. Even if I do not lose weight in the two weeks it would take to empty the bottle, it should provide an idea of whether or not it has the potential to help me. I would be happy if I feel a boost in energy and want to exercise more, because I am lazy when it comes to regular gym type of workouts/exercises and usually quit an exercise program after two weeks anyway. I prefer outdoor activities, walking, something that includes a change in scenery. I have a few weeks before Miami Carnival which I am hoping to lose at least one dress size by, or I'm not wearing a costume, lol. So this sample arrived just in time! I will post whether or not this two week trial helped.

Regarding the chocolate shake; I like to eat chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream on occasion and chocolate cake, but I've never been a fan of chocolate shakes. The package says it's lactose free, gluten free and Non-GMO soy so I'll take a chance and try it. Plus it has a cute little heart and measuring tape on it, for some reason those two things together makes me feel as if I'm doing something right for my body!

I drank the chocolate shake and it wasn't as disgusting as I imagined. The chocolate flavor wasn't strong and it kind of reminded me of the soy formula I would feed my sons as a baby when I stopped breastfeeding. The package was one serving size, but it was a little too thick for my liking so instead of mixing it with just 8 oz of water, I used 16 oz of water and it was good. I was too full to be my greedy self who basically eats because the fridge is just steps away, lol. I could see myself purchasing the protein shakes in the future.

(9/24/13) Regarding the Body Glove Surge All Natural Chocolate Energy Gel; before I opened the package, I thought I wouldn't like it and boy were my thoughts confirmed. What the heck is that? Yuck! It tasted the way it looked. I cannot imagine anyone trying that more than once. I felt like I 'drank' a ton of melted chocolate bars and fruits and after a spoonful I honestly felt the urge to throw up. {I'm sorry for the graphic details...but I have to be honest!] This "surge" requires a gallon bottle of water and a few potato chips to get rid of the feeling I had after trying this, and I only had a spoonful! I would love to hear from someone who has used this, because I felt as if it shouldn't even be legal! I cannot comment on whether or not it provides an energy boost, because my taste buds wouldn't allow me to have more than a spoonful.

Can't wait to see what I get in the box next month, hopefully I like everything...

Shapeology pills update: I felt nothing. There was no change in energy or my size. I had a feeling this would happen because the sample was a bit too small for anyone to get an actual idea of whether or not purchasing a full size bottle would be beneficial.


Nothing to see here! I was so hopeful that this would be a step up from last month's box, but I guess that would be asking to much. This was a literal sample, sample box. A true tease. See what's in it:
Bulu Box of Weight Loss Product Samples Review
Bulu Box Shapeology Burn Blend
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Bulubox October Box Review
Think Gum: Seriously? I enjoyed the taste, but I don't think it helped me mentally. Printed on the box is "For best results, chew while learning or studying and again to recall information". Well, since my problem isn't remembering things, but more of an issue of relaxing and clearing my mind, I didn't find this useful. There isn't really a way to tell if this works.

Burn 360: I was curious about this product because it may have had potential, but there is only a packet with two pills in it. The directions say to take 2 or 3 daily. In my humble opinion a 24 hour sample is not practical for a weightloss pill if the company's purpose of sending it is to persuade someone to purchase it in the future. For that reason I won't waste my time or yours trying/reviewing it.

Natural Calm Anti Stress Drink: I'm already calm, I take naps to de-stress, :) . I'll save this for someone else.

Pocket Protein Women's Formula: Oh my, this was awful. The taste was really harsh and I couldn't handle more than a sip. It was too sweet. This is like the "juice" version of the Body Glove Surge All Natural Chocolate Energy Gel.

Simple Being Slimming Smoothie: I have not tried the smoothie yet. Once I do, I will update this post.


Not received.
A few weeks ago, one of the Living Social deals posted was of a three month subscription to Bulu Box for $10. I went to their website and saw that Bulu Box is a product sampling company similar to the Bestowed box I tried earlier this year, but with a focus on weight loss. Weight loss is the whole purpose of me exercising, so I figured I'd try it. I couldn't wait for the box to arrive!

According to their web site:

"Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each
month, you’ll get a custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every
sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you."

When I opened the box, I was caught off guard. I guess I was expecting too much, but if I had paid $10/month which is what the cost of their regular subscription is, I would've been upset. Thankfully I paid just $3.33 with the deal, so after I did a little math, I wasn't angry...just confused.

My first thought was, "what the heck?" There was a strange combination of products in the box and I know it's supposed to be samples, but was this worth $10?