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Ronda Writes Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Mom Central as an Ambassador for Busch Gardens Tampa.
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Busch Gardens - Christmas Town Experience
December 8, 2014 by

This would be our second visit to Busch Gardens this year, and I was excited because it's "Christmas Town" time! According to the weather forecast, there was only a 10% chance of rain, so I knew that meant 90% chance of rain. I was happy when we arrived because there was only a drizzle off and on...but that changed around mid day.

We arrived at 11am, and planned to stay until it was dark so we can enjoy the lights and scenery. We started the day checking out the giant ornaments and Christmas decor. It was beautiful and I wanted to stop and take pictures at every decorated area, but the other groups of people who were there made it time consuming, so we just walked around the park.

"Welcome to Holiday Hills!"
Busch Gardens - Christmas Town Experience
Our goal this trip was to check out areas we didn't get a chance to see the last time. I also wanted to see the shows. So, we mapped out our plan of attack and while waiting for time to pass, took multiple train rides from the Stanleyville train stop and back! My feet were thankful for the break!

The kids wanted to play in the Sesame Street Safari of Fun, I wanted to see Elmo's Christmas Wish show. We had 30 minutes until show time so we walked the net area (ughhh heights!), then enjoyed the jungle gym and they had a ball on the giant bounce.
Busch Gardens Sesame Street Safari of Fun - Christmas Town Experience
Elmo's Christmas Wish was a really cute, short show. 20 minutes long and perfectly suited for little ones who don't want to be still for long. The characters interact with the audience, so there are ample opportunities for people like me who want to take close up photos. They also mingle afterwards for additional photo ops!
Elmo's Christmas Wish
Nativity Scene Busch Gardens Tampa
Flume Busch Gardens Tampa
One of the rides my son really wanted to experience was the Stanley Falls Log Flume Ride. He's such a character, everyone laughed at the faces he made coming down the slide. He wanted to go on again, but after he kept walking as if he drank something he shouldn't have, we decided it would be best to move on! :)
Stanley Falls Log Flume Ride
After the rides and viewing the tigers and orangutans, it started to rain really hard. As soon as the rain slowed, it returned seconds later. We ran to the area where the mini boats were and after looking at the map, I realized the show was close to where we originally were. After 15 minutes of waiting under the boat area I got impatient and decided to run through the water to the building where "Madagascar Live! Operation: Christmas Vacation" was showing. Hey, my kids had hats, so I knew we'd be alright!

My husband wasn't too please with me suddenly prancing through the rain, since it came with no warning, but I was not going to miss another showing of Madagascar! The next and final performance wouldn't be until 7pm, by then I expect to be in a restaurant eating.

The show was great. Very entertaining and I really liked King Julien! So funny! We weren't in a hurry to leave after it was over, but we were happy to see that the sun was once again shining. This meant we would be able to enjoy the rest of the day. We looked at the trees and model trains, listened to singing from the Conductorettes and other groups, took photos with characters and more. When it was time to go, we noticed a long line of people waiting to enter the park. Lots of people went for the lights and Christmas feeling, while I was happy to enjoy a full day of fun.

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Busch Gardens Sesame Street Safari of Fun - Christmas Town Experience
Busch Gardens Sesame Street Safari of Fun - Christmas Town Experience Gallery
Busch Gardens - Christmas Town Experience