Children's Claritin(R) Non Drowsy Allergy Relief Review
April 10, 2013 by

I suffer from a bad case of allergies. My eyes get swollen and watery, they burn. There were a few occasions when my throat would get itchy and sometimes my skin even crawls (it doesn't literally crawl, but seeing little bumps over my body makes me feel disgusting and dirty). I've had this issue since I was in grade school, and no matter what I've been prescribed, nothing works. I've decided to just "deal with it" because after being on different medications trying to curb the allergies, my glands once became so swollen I almost couldn't breathe and ended up in the ER. My 6 year old is dealing with allergies as well, obviously something he got from me. Sometimes it's as if we're competing to see who can sneeze longer.

As a BzzAgent, I was offered a chance to test the effectiveness of Children's Claritin Chewable Tablets so of course, I was happy for the opportunity. Perfect timing, since we're prepping the house and yard for my son's birthday party by fixing up the garden area and sweeping parts of the house I forgot existed. So I know we're going to suffer a little due to the yard work and having to sweep. We've tried Children's Claritin liquid in the past and it worked OK. I was really hopeful to try this version because since it's a tablet, it's really easy for me to walk with it in my purse and not have to worry about cleaning up the measuring cup, or even measuring at all. Unfortunately for us, it did not work as quickly as the liquid version and the relief didn't last 24 hours.

As mentioned in a previous post, my mother used to joke that I should donate my body to science, lol. Things that seem to work for any and everyone else, may not work for me. With that in mind, finding medication that works for you is basically a matter of trying different products. I'm probably an extreme case, being unique in this instance is no fun!