Cordless Engraving Pen Review
July 12, 2015 by

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I couldn't wait to use this cordless engraving pen on my back scratcher and a picture frame. I figured owning one would be great since I'm usually lending things out. I have a habit of making notes when belongings leave my home, so I can keep track of what's mine. But, having my name engraved on products would make things easier for borrowers to remember they're not the owner, right? Hehe!

I was curious to see if it actually worked and wanted to "test" its ability on items that weren't costly, this way I wouldn't be upset if they were damaged. First I used it on my back scratcher, which is made of bamboo. Although faint, it did engrave well, it just wasn't as visible as I had hoped. If I went over the lettering a second time, I'm sure it would've been better, but I might have damaged the scratcher since it's thin. So, I moved on to the picture frame since the wood is thicker and a bit darker.

On my picture frame, the engraving pen worked like a charm. It was really easy to maneuver, smooth movements. I have no complaints. The dust that forms when using the pen didn't bother my allergies since it's small, so the particles don't reach very far. I did wear goggles.

The good: It works! It's compact, didn't drain the batteries and if depth is necessary you can go over the areas again.

The bad: The motor isn't that powerful, probably because it's a battery operated product. Also, I would have liked for this to have an on and off switch.
Cordless Engraving Pen Review #rmcassociatespen
Cordless Engraving Pen Review #rmcassociatespen

· Easy to handle and control
· No problem! Twist off the top and insert 2 AA batteries (not included) then press the control button with your thumb as you apply slight pressure on the writing surface.
· Fits in your purse or pocket
· Works on glass, metal, plastic and wood

1. Please wear protective eyewear when engraving and wash hands immediately after use.
2. It is NOT recommended that you engrave electronic media such as CD's or DVD's etc., because engraving on these materials may damage the media.
3. This is NOT a toy. Use with adult supervision