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July 17, 2013 by

I have always been a fan of corsets. They are so darn sexy and a long time secret of mine (not a secret anymore I guess) has been to perform in a burlesque show...for just one day. Or at least dress like I perform burlesque for Halloween! Although I've always liked corsets, I haven't worn one since I was a C-cup. Ha!

Last week, an opportunity to review a corset came about and I couldn't keep myself from hoping I'd be chosen by to review one. I'm losing weight, but I'm no where near my goal and I'm not toned, so even though I hoped to receive one, I surely did not want to have back cleavage in photos, lol. After I got the news that I was chosen (yay), all my fear disappeared and turned into excitement!

Here's a few things to note before I get into my experience with the corset:

- The corsets are 15" in length, with a shorter back for comfort.
- There are 12 bones throughout the corset
- I chose the Beautiful in Blue Corset, royal blue in color with sexy black lace.
- Six hook closures in the front, lace closure in the back
- The corsets are not true to size, they are extremely small, so when ordering pay close attention to the size chart they provide.
- Their corsets come in regular and plus sizes (Small - 6XL)
- Corset comes with a matching G-string

Now, for my experience:

I wear a size 10 or 12 in women's clothing. Based on their chart, I would choose a size 2X in corset top. I was questioning that because I have large boobs, so I requested a size 3X. Unfortunately, they mailed a 2X to me.

The bottom of the corset fit with no problem, but I wasn't able to squeeze my bust into the top of the corset without loosening the back of the corset most of the way. I didn't like the way the back looked since it was so open, but I decided to keep it since I am losing weight and my bust should decrease as well. After closing it, I was happy to see no back fat rolling over, but then the view from the front was crazy. My DD cups were way too much for this top! I contacted the company so I can make arrangements for an exchange, but a light bulb went off and I remembered my mom is here on vacation. She has a small bust and she's not camera shy at all, so I asked her to model the corset for me and she agreed. (See photos)

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Mother trying the corset top from CorsetChi
Mother trying the corset top from Royal Blue Satin and Black Lace Corset Top and Thong Corset Top Review
Mother trying the corset top from CorsetChi
^ My mom loves it! ^
As you can see from the photos, it's a really nice corset. What you cannot see by looking at a photo is that it's really strong. The quality of this corset is easy to feel and it costs a lot less than corsets I've looked to purchase in the past. In fact, many of their corsets cost under $30. I wish I knew about this company before, they even have costumes! I give this company 4.5 stars. The fast shipping, design and quality of my new sexy corset is something worth mentioning, my only issue is that the wrong size was sent to me. Luckily that's an issue that could easily be resolved!

I can't wait to stuff myself into this corset again! It gave me the motivation I needed to work out harder!

Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion of this product.
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