Everglades Holiday Park Experience (Home of the Gator Boys!) Kids Day
Everglades Holiday Park Experience
August 3, 2014 by

I was as excited as my husband and kids, anticipating this trip. When we got to the park, everything went smoothly. We picked up our tickets and went to the covered area waiting for our ticket number to be called for the airboat tour. There were a lot of people there, but the wait for the airboat tour was only about 10 minutes.

I know from seeing other photos that the airboats are pretty low, close to the water and if you sit on the end (where I was seated) you can touch the water (don't be an idiot and try though!). What I didn't realize was that the boats can move fast through the water, like a speed boat. That was so much fun and probably my kid's favorite part aside from seeing alligators.

The tour guide (I wish I wrote his name down) was very entertaining and knowledgeable. Everyone is given an opportunity to take photos of the creatures in and around the water because he would turn the boat, so each side has a clear view.

The tour is a little over an hour, depending on the animals and how many will cooperate and make an appearance. There were about 5 gators, lots of unique birds, fish and scary plants. One thing I saw that I did not expect to see was empty turtle shells. Who knew turtles were a snack?
Everglades Holiday Park Experience (Home of the Gator Boys!)
Vultures cleaned a couple of shells :(

Another cool sight was watching regular folk fishing amongst the alligators. I had no idea people were allowed to do that!

After the airboat tour, we went to see the Alligator show with Chris from "The Gator Boys". He's so cute! Anyway, the show was entertaining and I was biting my nails hoping he wouldn't be bit by one of his rescued friends. The gators in that area are alligators that were once considered "nuisance". The kind you'd see on their TV show. After the show your can hold and take a photo with an alligator for $5.

NOTE: Optional, but a good idea is to carry cash. Most of the workers (entertainers) are volunteers, so donations are appreciated and benefit the employees and the alligators!

This is a great attraction and a definite must see if you're ever in the South FL area and want an entertaining, but affordable option! We had a blast and will probably visit again on Gator Kids Day!

*I took too many photos to post on this page, so please click here to view!*
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"Everglades Airboat Tours and The Gator Boys! Everglades Holiday Park is home to the Gator Boys of Animal Planet fame. That's right, most episodes are filmed right here in our world-famous Everglades park filled with Alligators! There's a good chance that while you're here visiting, you'll see the Gator Boys filming. You might even get to meet one of the stars of the show! Yes, you've come to the right place if you're a Gator Boys fan, as we're their official home in the Everglades! Come on down to visit them here!"

Everglades Holiday Park was just recently voted the #1 theme park in South Florida in the 2014 WPLG-Miami "Top Ten" competition.