Hasbro Magic Jinn Review
August 31, 2013 by

As a #BzzAgent, my children were offered the opportunity to play with Hasbro's newest addition, the Magic Jinn. This is one of those 20 questions, type of toys. You would think of an animal, any animal and answer a series of questions with "yes, no, I don't know or it depends" and Magic Jinn will try his best to guess which animal you were thinking of. He has a really smart mouth and I found myself teasing him when he gets the answer wrong and that made it more fun for me. My kids love it and I had to take it away from them because of the "Mommy, he's not sharing" argument they would end up having.

Initial experience: Magic Jinn has been wrong numerous times, guessing correctly on the second try of every round we played. What I've come to realize was it seemed to have expected up to think of more complex animals to stump him. Our first few animals were pigs, dogs and horse and the Magic Jinn didn't guess those.

Zoo experience: We took it to the Miami Zoo to see if it would guess those animals correctly. In my head I didn't think it stood a chance because I never heard of many of the animals there. Surprisingly, he guessed right on the first try. It was so much fun we even caused a crowd to form watching us with him. Many people wondered what the heck the blue thing my kids were playing with was. It was a lot of fun!

Final thought: I give the idea of this toy 5 stars, but the actual ability of the Magic Jinn 4 stars. Whether it guessed right or wrong, we enjoyed ourselves and I would recommend it to others!

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Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion of this product.
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Hasbro Magic Jinn Review
Hasbro Magic Jinn Review
Hasbro Magic Jinn Review at Miami Zoo