K5 Learning Online Reading and Math Program Review
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September 15, 2014: School has only been in session for a month since Summer break, but my son has already received his progress report. He's in third grade, which is considered one of the toughest grades in grade school and as I've mentioned in previous posts, he's a great reader, but he's doesn't do well when it comes to reading comprehension. On his progress report, the first grade I noticed was an "F", in reading. My heart broke, because I know he reads well and after I have him sit and really think about the question and what the story is about he answers questions correctly, but that kind of time cannot be provided in school. I cannot be there with him when he's taking exams and I can't force him to slow down and think carefully when I'm not around. I felt bad, because all I focused on was the "F" grade, and he had to point out that he received an "A" in Science, Math and the others. I did commend him on those, but still, he failed in reading. I'm still confused as to why he fails in answering questions about something he reads beautifully.

I'm seriously considering homeschooling my children, and have been gathering information from friends who homeschool their children and websites that assist. Our big decision will be made in December, but until then, I need to work on making sure he succeeds in reading comprehension in case we allow him to continue traditional schooling. This is a reason why I wanted to try the K5 Learning program. The programs we've tried previously were great for the levels they're made for, but they were too easy for him. I wanted him to try a program that teaches and coaches similar to the style of homework he receives. Since he's excelling in other areas, I didn't want to spend time on them, my focus is reading and comprehension.
We began the lessons in mid September. As expected, I watched my son read the words fine but fail to answer the questions correctly. One thing I noticed about the way the does the work, is he rushes through it as if he's in a race against time. When I tell him to slow down, read carefully and answer the question again, he gets it right. It's as if I have to say, whatever answer you're thinking about putting down, put down your "second choice"!

How it's graded: ".17 = Low", ".50 = Intermediate" and ".83 = High". (Ex. The grade you're in would be in front, so if you have a low score, it would read 3.17 for a third grader.)

What I like: What makes this program stand out compared to others we've tried it that my son thinks it's so easy and that he will breeze through it, but he chooses the wrong answers. Don't get me wrong, I DO NOT want my children to fail, but I appreciate when a program can show him he's making silly mistakes. When he thinks the program is easy, yet he clicks the wrong choice and is able to immediately see where he went wrong, he realizes that same approach is what's causing him to fail reading in school. What good is being able to read any book, and figure out the pronunciation of words you do not recognize, if you're not using those same skills to take the time to understand what it is that you're reading or what a test question is asking you? He's learning patience and to take his time which is something I've been reminding him to do, but struggled with because I myself lose patience with him. My attitude towards his mistakes are part of the problem, this program kindly tells him to try again.


  • This program offers MANY lessons.
  • Your kids have their own log-in. Once he's finished with homework or other responsibilities, I can tell him to get on the computer and do his work, without having to sign him in.
  • I have my own log-in to view their progress. I even have the ability to assign what work I want them to do.
  • No ad pop ups or comment boxes, so they can be left alone with the program and you don't have to worry. I locked the computer, so when they try to enter another web address into the browser, this site refreshes instead. While I'm reviewing K5Learning.com, it is the only program that is allowed on their computer, and I don't have to worry about what else is going on.
  • I get a full report of their progress. I can see exactly what they've done so far.

What I do not like: I have not come across any issues yet, but if anything changes I'll update this post. We still have a few weeks remaining on our trial and we're definitely taking advantage of it!

Monthly subscription: First child, $25. Additional children, $15.
Annual subscription: First child, $199. Additional children, 129.
K5 Learning Online Reading and Math Program Review
K5 Learning Online Reading and Math Program Review
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