Kitchen Frontier Lemon and Lime Press
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This Kitchen Frontier Lemon and Lime Press is a pretty straight forward item. Sturdy and functions well!

Being a frugal soul, I couldn't imagine purchasing one, not to mention ever needing one...until I received one. I work from the computer, I spend most of my days and many nights at the computer and as a result I have a lot of wrist pain. Even with my occasional wrist pain, squeezing the handle together actually feels like the hand exercises I do to keep the cramps away.  There are quite a few things I use lemons, limes and other squeezable fruits for and I didn't even realize until I received this Lemon Press, how handy it could be. My son is fighting a cold now, and I needed to squeeze a lemon to mix with honey. Guess what, I used the Lemon Press! I use lemons or limes when cleaning meat. I had a cup of tea and lemons were there, so I decided to squeeze lemon juice into it. Something I never do but since I had the Press, I figured "why not?". It was tasty! In the past week I found myself squeezing small oranges and grapefruits and making juice from scratch, now I'm a "pressing freak"!

When I squeeze fruit by hand, some of the juice is wasted since I cannot squeeze it completely. I squeeze and twist while squeezing some more. With the Kitchen Frontier Press all I have to do is cut the fruit in half, place it "cut side" down and squeeze the handles together. Pretty easy if you ask me!

What I Like:

  • The quality. It's heavy and appears to be very strong.
  • Purchase includes a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dishwasher safe. I do not like to wash dishes, but this was so simple to use I just washed it instead of waiting until I needed to use the dishwasher.

What I Did Not Like:

  • The Press extracts a lot more juice compared to when I use my bare hands, but it still does not extract some because of its design.
  • I would like to see a Lemon Press designed (view stock photo) with the fruit placed over the hump and the holes on the hump.
  • Because of the design, the top of the lemon (where the cut is) curves inward instead of flattening completely. Because of this, some of the juice remains in the lemon.

What I think: This is a handy little tool for someone who has a frequent use for this. If you like to drink fresh squeezed fruit juice, use lemons or limes for cleaning chicken or sprinkle lemon juice over meals, this is something you should consider. It even works well for people who usually suffer wrist pain, because squeezing it feels a bit like a workout for your hands. My tired hands actually felt better while using it.

Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion of this product. This post contains affiliate links.
Kitchen Frontier Lemon and Lime Press
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