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KitchenMade Quality Stainless Steel Measuring Cups
July 30, 2014 by

For the past few years, I've been using my trusty black plastic measuring cup set. Aside from scratches and peels from over a decade of use, it works as it's supposed to, has no bends or holes and the measurements are embossed so no fading to worry about. The problem is, after a while a girl just wants something shiny and new, especially since I have a "new" kitchen!

I like to have company and anytime my mom or mom-in-law come over, they're cooking. It's nice to be able to show off nice kitchen utensils.

The KitchenMade Stainless Steel Measuring Cups are (as you can clearly see), beautiful. The sizes are engraved on the cups and the measurements are on both the cup and the handle. A nice addition is the pouring lip, so you can pour more efficiently without spilling.
KitchenMade Quality Stainless Steel Measuring Cups
Black Measuring Cup with Embosses Measurements
Lip of measuring cup
Why I like this KitchenMade Measuring Cup set:

  • Since I now have two sets of measuring cups, I no longer have to wash a cup while cooking, just because I need to measure a 1/4 cup of more than one ingredient. Not the end of the world, but a major pain...
  • The KitchenMade set has a lip! While cooking: Nothing more annoying than measuring the perfect amount of an ingredient and when you go to pour it into the pot, some of it spills on the sides of the measuring cup. Now you really don't know how much of it actually made its way into the pot.
  • Measurements are on the handle as well as on the the cup part.
  • Measurements are embossed.
  • This is a set of 6 cups, not the usual set of just three or four. (1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 Cup)
  • lastly, I appreciate the addition of measurements in cups and milliliters.

The cups are pretty strong and what's really cool, is that it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and a bonus eBook filled with 25 recipes.

Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion of this product.
KitchenMade Quality Stainless Steel Measuring Cups