Motivate Your Child Book Review
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As the parent of two school aged boys, anything I can do to motivate them (or keep them motivated) is important. My 6 year old is always asking me to download worksheets for him to do from educational websites. He loves learning!

Meanwhile, my 8 year old only wants to relax when he comes home from school. Since he has the big FSA exam coming up soon, I have to help him realize exactly how important this exam is, so I have been negotiating TV time. Every day, when he comes from school, he is to do some reading, as well as a reading comprehension worksheets. The worksheets are usually around 8 pages. A semi- short story of 6 pages and two pages of questions, both fill in and multiple choice. If he gets 100% right, he gets to watch an hour of TV, 1 question wrong and he can watch TV for 1/2 hour. If he gets two or more questions wrong, he doesn't get anything but more reading time. It wasn't until he saw two x's on his paper and I noticed him crying, that I realized he really does care. I'm just at a loss of why it isn't showing in his reading test scores.

I received the Motivate Your Child book free for the purpose of a review

The Motivate your Child book is a Christian based parenting guide focusing on ways to teach your child how to be motivated. It uses biblical scriptures and stories and relates them to life. Providing ideas of how you can get your children to motivate themselves, so you don't have to be on top of them constantly.

That is what stuck out for me most. When my 8 year old is doing his homework and I'm there watching he does a great job. This is also something his teacher told me happens in class. When he knows she is watching him, or he is seated near her, he does a great job. When he is told to work independently, he is not focused on his work, he looks around the room and doesn't complete his work in the allotted time. Because of that, he loses recess time. That upsets him, knowing he cannot play outside for the full 30 minutes, but for some reason, it doesn't motivate him enough to do his work when he is told to. That is disheartening because with the FSA exam approaching in a few weeks, his teacher cannot give him undivided attention. She has to monitor an entire class, he needs to focus!
Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion.
Opinion There are 254 pages in this book and I decided to focus on what stuck, because I don't want to give too much away. In the intro of the book there is mention of "God's GPS" (see image on right).

"A problem takes place when parents confuse the destination with the journey." (intro)

Some of what is in the book, we already practice, so it was nice to see that I am on the right track. Although I couldn't exactly relate to the examples in the text, there are moments that hit home. One thing I think we can do more of, is family time. Currently we spend time chatting, playing games and having fun together. We even talk about ways we can help him, and what it is he needs from us to do better. But, although we try the listening part, my son doesn't really know how to explain what his issue is. Pretty much, he says when the stories are boring he cannot concentrate. Stories that he has an interest in, he does well. But, tests are not going to involve the kind of stories he wants to read about, so he has to be prepared for that.
Motivate Your Child Book ReviewMotivate Your Child Book Review
Motivate Your Child Book ReviewMotivate Your Child Book ReviewMotivate Your Child Book ReviewMotivate Your Child Book Review
Motivate Your Child Book ReviewMotivate Your Child Book ReviewMotivate Your Child Book Review
Motivate Your Child Book ReviewMotivate Your Child Book Review
Motivate Your Child Book ReviewMotivate Your Child Book Review

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Motivate Your Child Book Review
"One of the most important heart qualities children can develop is initiative,
and parents can do a lot to facilitate its strength."
Motivate Your Child Book Review
Putting my son's reading comprehension issues aside, another excerpt from the book I liked was in regards to the conscience...

"Parents become the tour guides on the path of life, helping their children process what they're experiencing and seeing. All kids find themselves with others and are exposed to people who don't share the same values and convictions. Your work to prepare your child and then process his or her experiences helps further strengthen that child's conscience." (p. 131)

This is a really good, and informative book and even if you're not religious or even if some of the examples don't quite fit, there are still ways to incorporate these lessons in your own life. I will be reading it again!