Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze - Review & Giveaway
March 21, 2014 by

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Purex Crystals Mountain Breeze Review and Giveaway
Let me start by mentioning, this is a such nicely designed bottle. More importantly, what is in this bottle is something that will help those of us who like added freshness / scent. You know? That feeling you get when you smell your warm clothes after removing them from the dryer...before you realize you now have to fold them!

When I first heard of the Purex Crystals, I thought "Why in the world would I need that?" Then, I tried it. After using it, two things came to mind:

  • My children are still occasional bed wetters so the added freshness is great!
  • There are times when the dirty laundry smells AWFUL. Now I get to add freshness without adding extra detergent or fabric softener which is terrific for people like me who have sensitive skin.

Here's what Purex has to say:

  • "Clothes smell fresh for weeks, not days"
  • "Does not reduce the absorbency of towels"
  • "Natural formula is safe for your family and the environment"
  • "Its safe to use for top loading machines as well as front loading HE machines"

While I have your attention, here's something that may really catch your eye! Purex is also giving away $500. Not only will one lucky person receive cash, but 100 others will receive a free Purex Crystals - Fresh Mountain Breeze.

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