Juppy, Ronda Writes Review
Juppy, Ronda Writes Review
Juppy, Ronda Writes Review
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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Juppy Baby Walker
December 9, 2012 by

The Juppy Baby Walker "Momentum" is a pretty cool product for people who have, or know someone with a child who is almost ready to walk. With Juppy, you can choose from three color combinations; tan/pink, tan/blue or black/yellow. You can also choose to have a child's name or a word embroidered on it. I chose to have "Loved", since my kids are too big for me to use this on them (I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a daughter)!

Disclaimer: I received the Juppy Baby Walker free to try and share my experience. This post contains affiliate links.
The product was shipped to me quickly, and arrived Saturday morning. I was able to test it using babies from my mom's group at the park. I received curious stares from people when I took it out of my purse (yes it fits in a purse!). When the first child's mother started to use it, a few people walked up to us asking what it was. To them, it looked like a strange new baby leash. When I explained to them that it was actually a walker, they were more than interested in trying it out themselves. One thing they mentioned, was how much easier it is on your back, than holding your child's hands to walk. You see it all the time, a child who's ready to walk and throws a tantrum when they're forced to sit in a stroller. All kids reach an age where they want a little freedom and they get that feeling with the Juppy. We also have the benefit of no longer needing to hunch down to keep our children from falling.

One thing you must beware of is holding the Juppy straps up too high. That can be uncomfortable for both the parent and the child. Also, you may be tempted to use it as a swing while walking your child, but this product was NOT made for that!

I give the Juppy a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It's very easy to use, seems to be made of strong fabric that will keep it functional and best of all, it's both machine and hand washable. It has a soft inner lining and hand grips. The only reason I did not give this a 5 star rating, is because although the inner lining material and the handle grips are soft, it seems like the type of material that will result in little balls and the worn look after use and washing. Other than that, this is a great product for the baby in your life!

Product details:
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • One size fits all (up to 35lbs.)
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Fits into your purse
  • No assembly required

Which would you choose? What would you like printed on it?

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