REVIEW: Ateevia Botanica's PRIME Anti-Inflammatory Cream
December 26, 2012 by

Today I received my 3 oz. tube of Ateevia Botanica's PRIME Anti-Inflammatory Cream for review. I have
suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a while now, and actually have a bone sticking up on my right
hand wrist. It's painful, especially because most of the things I do is with my right hand. I write with both
hands, but I still have not been able to train myself to use my left hand as often as I could. Although I have
bought three different types of wrist wraps/braces, none are comfortable enough for me to wear often. My
hands get sweaty while wearing them and have swollen at times. I have also purchased keyboard wrist
cushions to rest my hands on and I do hand exercises. The exercises have helped in a major way, but I still
have a bone that is out of place and occasional joint pain. So I was happy when the opportunity to try a
natural pain relief product presented itself.

Reading the box, I learned that this product was made in the USA, not tested on animals, is safe and effective
and has natural botanical extracts. Because of the ingredients used, it's safe to use 2-3 times a day or even more if needed. It has a mild my opinion is has a slight tea smell mixed with hair relaxer (lol), but it's not strong so you don't have to worry about having that noticeable smell like bengay has! It's thick, but not sticky.

DAY ONE: I rubbed the cream on my wrist, the outside of my hand and the bottom half of my palm. It seems to have worked instantly. I figure it might be a mental thing, so I will continue to try it for a few days and leave my update stay tuned!

DAY TWO: It's now 9:48PM. As usual I had to work at the computer for hours, but surprisingly I did not have to do the normal wrist rotation exercise I do every few minutes to work out the kinks today. I'm pretty shocked. I have been monitoring myself all day to see if my hand will hurt, so I'm still not convinced its not a mental trick I played on myself, lol. We'll see....

DAY THREE: At 5:21PM, my wrist started to feel as if I slept on it. I went for the cream and within a few minutes the pain was not as strong. After a half hour a mild pain still seemed to linger so I applied more and the pain did subside. I think it's safe to say that this really does work. Impressive!!!

I will keep and use this when I have pain since it's much better than taking a pill. It works and I don't have to worry about overdosing, plus it can be used on kids. I'm almost excited to have someone tell me they have pain just so I can have them try it.

Listed on Tube, Ateevia Botanica Alleviates Pain of:
  • Arthritic Joints
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Sports Bruises

Disclaimer: The above review is my own opinion of this product. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try.
Ateevia Botanica PRIME Anti Inflammatory Cream