REVIEW: Dr. Sue and You, Complete Child Development Program 1.1 - 4.5 / 5 stars
December 19, 2012 by

My oldest son is 6 years old. Very intelligent, great reader and excellent at math. His downfall in school
is that although he will read the heck out of a story, he does not take the time to comprehend what the
story is about. He will read a story and if I ask him a question about what he read, 1/3 of the time he
cannot answer my question correctly. This is a serious problem, so when the opportunity to review a
child development program presented itself, I jumped on it!

I've had the privilege of testing Dr. Sue and You's Complete Child Development Program. The program
includes a "Big Dream Book" for parents and children. The adult books explain each session, and the
children's books are used to input their wants, dreams, etc. There are three main steps; setting goals, building confidence and understanding our environment and how it influences us.

This program was developed for children ages 5- 14. There are mini videos, short enough to keep a young child's attention and creative exercises for your child to complete afterward, using the Big Dream Book. Just like with most things in life, there are steps to follow. Here are my thoughts on the program:

Goals. I tested it on my 6 year old son and an 8 year old. It might be a little advanced for the youngest in the age group suggested, and the pace of the videos are a little fast for them to connect so I had to play some of the videos more than once for them to really understand it. They did like the characters and animation. To make it truly useful for my son's learning needs, I changed the future goals to a goal for today. My son's future goal is to be a Doctor, but right now his goal is to end each school day with a smiley face in his daily class folder and complete his classwork.

Confidence. When the kids watched the confidence videos, especially video # 2, they really took heed of the message and enjoyed it. The examples used in the videos are a perfect fit to what kids experience in grade school. Whether they are the ones who display confidence (without seeming arrogant of course) or the ones who are needing to build confidence. This part of the program is a very necessary addition that may sometimes be overlooked by parents. I had a habit of being impatient, especially because my son has a habit of doing his work and moments later if he has to answer the same question again it's as if his mind went blank and he's now lost. I have been trying positive reinforcement for months, and have noticed a change. I used to focus on things he did not do correctly it would hurt him. Although the confidence videos are for kids, it taught me another way to approach problems my son may have. Start focusing on what was done right. Praise yourself/child for that and stop comparing yourself to others. You may not be as good at something that your friend is, but you might be better at other things. Now you know what areas you need help in and work to be better at that.

Environment. Learn how your environment influences your life. Not just what's around you, but the people around you, and your genes!

Conclusion: I give it 4.5 stars. Some parts may be a little too fast pace for kids 5 - 7 and other parts may be too childish for older kids, but the good thing about this program is that you can personalize it to fit your child's needs. It's available online, which makes it easily accessible. The adult guides are great tools for helping parents learn ways to help their kids. This is a good program for understanding your child needs and goals and helping them build confidence.

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Disclaimer: The above review is my own opinion of this product. Please understand that I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try.
Dr Sue and You Complete Child Development Program 1.1