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Product Review of Custom In Loving Memory Car Decals
January 7, 2013 by

You may look at a car on the road and notice decals with little stick figure people and pets representing family members. You may have also noticed some vehicles with an "In Loving Memory Of..." decal on their window. I never saw these decals in stores, actually I never look for them, but I have wondered quite a few times where they were purchased.

I didn't plan on adding an "In Loving Memory" decal to my car because of the questions that may arise from viewers, but when the chance to review a decal by Vinyl Disorder presented itself, I decided to have one made for my baby Dillon, who was stillborn.

I'll be honest...I was concerned about the constant reminder. Although my baby passed away in 2005, it took a while for me to be able to mention him without tearing up. I never had a chance to hear his first cry, or see him open his eyes, and I've learned to accept that everything happens for a reason. Some people thought I was crazy to spend a few extra days in the hospital just so he can be brought to me, but I cherish the few days I was able to see him. Hubby and I are not into tattoos (on our bodies, on anyone else...cool!), so we bought bracelets and pendants with his name on them, but we haven't worn them in years. Sometimes I feel guilty, almost as if I forgot about him although I never will. Seeing the decals make me feel a little better, like I'm honoring him in some way!
Vinyl Disorder
They have lots of options to choose from, but I requested the baby blue colored decal with the footprints. It did not come with directions (I'm not sure if they forgot or if the do not supply directions), but either way placing the decal on the car is pretty self explanatory (I have wall decals so I was already accustomed to how they work, plus directions can be found on their web site). I also chose to have it made so it could be placed on the interior of the car window. It's a peel, press kind of application and sometimes the letters will stick on the backing you peel away, but to keep from destroying the decal, press on the decal while it is still on the backing and it should come apart easily. Then press it against the area you want to place it on and bammm! You have yourself a decal!!!

Another thing I like about this web site is that their price is competitive and shipping is pretty minimal. I'm cheap, so I usually stay away from web sites that charge for shipping (or wait for a free shipping day), but $3 - $5 is not bad! I bought my wall decals on ebay last year and lost brain cells and time bidding against someone else. I wish I knew about this web site sooner! Most of their items are at the same price or cheaper than what I paid for them on ebay, and I don't have to keep my eyes glued to the computer to get what I want PLUS IT'S CUSTOMIZABLE...something I can't get on ebay! Just look at this one for $2.50, regular price $25. I'm ordering two for my kids rooms!

Did I forget to mention it's removable? Sorry...it's removable! Yay, so when he's too old to want his name on his wall, I can remove it. Just use a blow dryer! :)

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