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REVIEW: Skywalker Bounce-N-Learn Trampoline. 4.3 out of 5 stars
December 29, 2012 by

For Christmas, my sister did the usual thing aunts do, she asked me what my kids would like. They
have lots of toys and games that they play with for a little while then abandon, so I had to come up
with something unique. My 4 year old is always jumping on the beds, sofas and climbing on things.
A bounce house with a slide would be the perfect energy drainer for him, unfortunately I cannot afford
the cost to maintain one nor do I have the energy to clean it, so they're are reserved for birthday parties
and other events. The next best thing would be a trampoline!

I wanted something I can keep indoors, because I'm not really a backyardsy person. Snakes, turtles and rabbits frequent the area since I'm surrounded by bushes, so I only go outside when necessary. I searched all over for a trampoline that would be fun for the kids and I came across the Skywalker Bounce-N-Learn Trampoline on This trampoline had 4.6 stars out of 5 based on 141 customer reviews, so I thought it would be a really good buy...I ordered it!

Here are some specifics as listed on

  • Interactive Bouncing
  • The Bounce-n-Learn 55" bouncer will keep your little ones entertained for hours with the fun interactive bouncing
  • Fun animal sounds are made when your child bounces on the animal pictures
  • On/off switch allows the sound to be easily switched on or off with the click of a switch
  • Recommended for ages 3 through 7 with a 100 lb. weight capacity

It arrived quicker than I expected, all the pieces were included and screw holes were in the correct places (trust me, for products that require assembly, I have had to have many items returned due to manufacturer issues). Although some of the directions were not clear, it was pretty easy to figure out. It took me about 45 minutes to complete. The reason I did not give this 5 stars was because although it has been put together correctly, the jumping pad is too loose for the product, so it sinks in the middle even when my son is not in it. This was purchased for my 4 year old (35 lbs.), he's the only one who has ever been inside of it and it cannot handle his weight. The jump pad is large (this is a 55" wide trampoline), but although it is tight with the stretch bands, the pad seems to have been stretched out of shape before he even had a chance to enjoy it. So it provides no bounce. I'm not sure if this was really made for ages up to 7 and 100 lbs.

A few times while holding onto the safety ring handles they separated. That can become a nuisance as well since the bars are covered so you have to feel your way around to fix all the bars that came loose. The animal sounds can also become annoying and my son has asked me to remove the batteries, lol. Its only 14" higher than the ground which is great for young ones to move in and out on their own. What I liked about this is that it has a lot of safe guards in place. The bars are covered in foam, there is a mesh cover for the base keeping kids from going under and there are also handle bars. I just wish it worked in my case as it did with so many other customers.

Initially I rated this a 3.5, but after I made a few adjustments, I consider it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. What I did was take the trampoline apart and double every other loop through the pole. This made the jumping pad have a nice tight stretch and now it's perfect. If I didn't have to make the adjustments I would have rated it a 5!!! Now my son likes the noises since he can jump on the animals and hear the correct sounds (when it didn't fit tightly it would make the bird sound even when he didn't jump on the bird). My 6 year old is able to enjoy it now as well!

Disclaimer: The above review is my own opinion of this product. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try. This post contains affiliate links.
Skywalker Bounce-N-Learn Trampoline sold at Walmart sale - $59