Ska Studio Latex Sports Waist Trainer Review
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Waist cinchers, waist trainers, corsets, belly bands, girdles...whatever is available to suck in the mid section, I've bought one! I have almost a dozen waist trainers and cinchers, but none of them have lived up to the hype of giving me a smooth silhouette where I'm lacking it. I needed something that just covers the belly fat because I like to wear spaghetti straps, or low cut tops and my current favorite tummy control garment covers much more than I want it to.

Sellers on eBay have been enjoying every dollar I've wasted on their "trainer", which promises an ultra firm hold but really hugged me as softly as my youngest son. If I want to feel warm and cuddled, I rather it be from a loved one, not a garment I purchased with the hopes of it being as tough on my blubber as a personal trainer! Yes I work out, but my six pack of abs is hidden under years of donuts, bagels, BBQ and other fun food. So, until it's ready to make its debut, I need a waist trainer that works!!! Am I asking for too much?

so its not a big deal for me, but for someone with a longer torso, this may cause a problem of "fat bubbling over".

Also, I sweat a lot when wearing it. Not a problem for me in terms of trying to burn calories, fat or sweat in my midsection, but sweat will show through my top, so I wouldn't wear it out under clothes unless I'm wearing something loose fitting.


I went from a 33" waist, to 29". I'm happy! I cannot wait until I lose inches for good and I'm ready for a medium size waist trainer.

Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion.
Ska Studio Latex Sports Waist Trainer Review  #waisttrainer
Ska Studio Latex Sports Waist Trainer Review  #waisttrainer

I have been contemplating a tummy tuck for years, but the thought of surgery scares me. What I like about this trainer is that it not only creates the look of a
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SKA Studio Latex Sports Waist Trainer Review
smaller waist instantly while wearing it, I still feel somewhat of a hold for a while after taking it off. That keeps me from eating as much and as often as I usually do. It's tight but comfortable. It keeps my back straight and if I were to wear this out, I would be forced to watch my eating.

The material is soft and although it has bones, they don't dig into my skin, even when I'm sitting down. I guess that's one of the benefits of it being shorter than I expected.


From top to bottom, it's not as long as the advertised waist trainer. I have a short torso,
Product Description

  •    Made with Colombian Soft Latex, Lycra and Cotton
  •    Please measure your waist to determine what size you need
  •    Latex Waist Trainer instantly reduces your waist size by several inches
  •    Perfect for use in gym, can accelerate your weight loss- and body shaping programs
  •    Thermo effect helps to get water out of your fat cells
  •    Strong back support raises the limits in your workout program
  •    Also comfortable for every day use underneath your cloth