Sunshine VoxBox Item Reviews #SunshineVoxBox
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Yay! It's another box of goodies, with items I wanted to try but were too cheap to spend money on and some items I didn't know existed. I'm a foodie (snackie mostly) and although I prefer pistachios and cashews come in a close second, I also like almonds. I never heard of Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds, but I was ready to open the pack when I noticed it. I'm all too eager to share my thoughts, so read below for my review of each item sent to me.

Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds - I was looking forward to tasting this, because I've heard of Sriracha sauce, but never ever would have thought of trying that flavor on seeds. It was pretty good, something I could eat again, but not necessarily something I would go to a store to look for. I prefer no salt, lightly salted, or something sweet.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray & Go Moisturizer - This moisturizing spray is as simple to put on as spray sunscreen. It is very light and dries quickly, but my skin wasn't as moisturized as it would be if I were to use traditional lotion. I like to use baby oil on my legs and feet. Not enough to look greasy or fry in the sun, but enough to give my legs a nice shine. I didn't get that with the Vaseline Spray and Go. It was just enough. Enough to get rid of the ashiness, and enough to realize there wasn't enough in my ankle area so I had to spray even more. I would give this 3 stars.

What I will have to mention, is that this is a moisturizer that really depends on a person's preference or your need. If you like a moisturizer that is not sticky, dries quickly and moisturizes without leaving an obvious look of moisture, this would be a good choice. I just prefer the oil on legs look for myself. Also, this is a great product depending on the type of material you're wearing. This will not leave residue on your body or hands.
Sunshine VoxBox Item Reviews #SunshineVoxBox
Sinful Colors Nail Polish
Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish - I've been using Sinful polishes for years, so I'm no newbie when it comes to this brand. But, a girl could never have too many colors! Two coats and you have a nice solid color that actually looks as uniformed as the bottle. The price is great at just $2, sometimes $1. It also lasts long. I use a top coat of a different brand with this and have no chips, which is why I use it on my toenails especially. I can soak my feet in my foot massager daily and the color lasts until I'm ready to change to a different color.

Bark Thins - Dark Chocolate Almond - I'm not a fan of dark chocolate, but these were delicious. I think it may have something to do with the almonds and sea salt. I taste a hint of salt, a little more sweet chocolate than I like, but nothing water cannot fix and bits of almonds. None of the ingredients are overpowering. They're not as thin as I thought they would be, from the looks of the package, but that doesn't really matter (just thought I'd add that info). I just found out they also have Dark Chocolate with Coconut. I can't wait to try that one...I will DEFINITELY buy both flavors!

Dickinson's Witch Hazel Daily Facial Towelettes - I use facial wipes / makeup removers any time I wear makeup, or anytime I'm outdoors for a while and sweaty and want to feel cool and clean. Click for full review and photos.
Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher Leave-In Smoothing Creme Enhanced with Avocado and Olive Oil - I had a chance to try this out right before going out to my nephew's birthday party.
Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher Leave-In Smoothing Creme Enhanced with Avocado and Olive Oil - (Tried 8/8/15) I had a chance to try this out right before going out to my nephew's birthday party. The first thing I noticed was the scent, it smells delicious (I would taste it, but I have sense). I wasn't sure how this would behave with my hair type, because reading reviews I didn't see any from anyone with curly ethnic hair, most of the reviewers had naturally straight hair. Checking the ingredients, I didn't see anything that would alarm me. It's supposed to help with frizz and that's some assistance I could surely use. It's really hot here in FL and usually after an hour in the sun, straight hair turns into an afro. Since we were likely to spend some time outside, I was hoping this leave-in smoothing creme lived up to its hype.

The pros: It works! Rubbing it into my hair feels just as it does when I moisturize my hair with coconut oil. It's not sticky and it doesn't weigh hair down. So, as the breeze blows your scalp still feels a nice bit of wind. I'm going to use this creme when I do a Twisted Bantu Knot Out to see if I get better results. Will post pictures at a later date.

The con: I could not find this in stores, and many online retailers do not have it available. I'm hoping that is because this is new and that it won't only be available at select stores. I'd like to have another bottle on hand before this one finishes.