Thin Botanicals Body Wrap Review
August 26, 2015 by

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NOTE: My measurements are 38-32-40. The wrap did not cover my entire belly. The wrap is only 12" wide. So if you have a protruding belly, it would be wise to measure your belly area (12 inch wide by 8 inches high), for an idea of how much of your belly will actually be covered by this wrap.

THE GOOD: It doesn't itch and it did make my tummy appear smoother!
Thin Botanicals Body Wrap Review #ThinBotanicals
Thin Botanicals Body Wrap Review #ThinBotanicals
Unfortunately it did not work for me. I work out almost daily, but my stomach is still not flat. I didn't expect a miracle, honestly I didn't expect anything because I know with the size of my tummy it would take more than a wrap that covers half of my stomach to make a difference, but it was worth a shot. The first two days I wore the body wrap alone, the other three days I wore it with a slimming belt. It's smaller than pictured (but, that's because my belly is bigger than it needs to be, lol). I was going to post the pictures that I took, but there really is no noticeable change so I won't embarrass myself unnecessarily. I wish I tried it on my thighs or arms instead, but I wanted to give it a fair chance to work by using all the strips on one problem area. I think for me personally, this would have work better in my upper arms.