Update to my LeapFrog Leadpad Review
January 26, 2013 by

This is an update to the original review of my son's LeapFrog LeapPad. As always, I will provide details of my actual experience with products, my likes and dislikes without wasting your time or mine sugar coating my honest opinion! :)

Ok, so I was suckered into purchasing a replacement LeapPad for my son. I know, I know. I seemed adamant in my original post, saying I would NEVER waste money on a LeapPad again, but after pleas from my boys saying they want to try out the new games my sister bought for the LeapPad for Christmas, I couldn't help it. I really did not want to spend the money on it, because really...I cannot afford to keep replacing things, but I found myself on ebay at midnight last week, bidding on one and hoping none of the other interested bidders were still awake. With bags under my eyes and wanting to sleep, I was victorious, lol, thank God!!!

I bought one used for $40. It had a few scratches on the screen but the seller promised it was in great working condition. Since I would be able to return within 14 days, I figured I'll give it a shot. My kids are so damn cute, so seeing them smiling and excited once they found out I replaced it would be well worth it!

As mentioned previously, the one we first had (the brand new one) never seemed to be in great working order. Downloading apps took longer than it should have, then after one simple drop it stopped functioning. I would've returned it had I known it wasn't the norm, but it was only after it no longer worked that I spoke with other parents who owned one. The seller of the used LeapPad admitted that it had been dropped a few times, but it worked as fine as it did when they first had it. Since I had their word...ebay protection...and the option to return it, I clicked "confirm".

Yesterday, it arrived! It's a little beat up looking, so I covered it with the gel skin that was on his old one. Already I was able to notice how quickly it turns on when I press the power button. Comparing this one to our first one, I think our first was really defective. There would be a delay. I'm usually the first to buy games and products my children want, so having a friend or another parent to talk to where I can compare how things work is never really an option. I connected it to my computer to update everything that needed to be updated and installed the free apps that came with it. It worked like a charm. The batteries on this one has not drained in 4 hours as it had on our previous one. This time the batteries lasted 14 hours, but the adapter is working so the kids will use it while home! What the heck? I wish I contacted LeapFrog when the other one was still in working condition! Now I'm upset money, time and effort had to be wasted, because it's evident now that something was wrong before. Updated and syncing took place with no issue. Although the new games were bought for my 6 year old, so far he was only interested in playing with the LeapPad while we were driving around running errands. My 4 year old has been glued to it. So far, pretty good. But, you know me! If there are any updates to report, I will be posting again!

Thanks for reading.....

Disclaimer: The above review is my own opinion of this product. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try.
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