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YourCover.com's Valentine's Day Magazine Cover Review
January 22, 2016 by
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YourCover.com's Valentine's Day Magazine Cover Review
YourCover.com's Valentine's Day Magazine Cover Review
Creating the product:

Problems encountered:
I really like the cover I created. However, I encountered quite a few problems when trying to upload photos.

For my main photo, it took a seconds for the photo to upload onto the magazine. However, when adding an inset photo, it took a few minutes and a different photo kept appearing than the one I was uploading. I don't know who the photo belonged to that appeared, but it wasn't until I renamed my own photo on my computer and tried to upload it again, that the correct photo finally appeared. After completing the design for my magazine, I clicked the save and checkout option. It took 24 minutes of loading of the "We are building YOUR COVER now. This can take up to a minute. Please be patient" notification, for me to realize nothing was going to happen. I decided to restart the process. The second time, I allowed it to spin for 10 minutes and I refreshed the page again, hoping a third time would be a charm.

It was all my fault!

After creating the magazine cover for the third time and being unsuccessful at moving on
YourCover.com's Valentine's Day Magazine Cover Review
to the next step, I decided not to include an inset photo. Also, instead to completing the whole magazine and clicking the "save and checkout" option, I saved after each change I made. But, for the part where I changed the names, I noticed it took a long time again and I had to refresh the page to start that over. I realized the issue must have been because I was adding a heart symbol "♥" between the names instead of the "&". I guess the heart is not acceptable. Once I removed that, everything worked great. I even started the whole process over to make sure that was the issue, and all the steps were quick, including the "save and checkout".

NOTE: Learn from my mistake.
Do not try to be cute and add hearts!

As you can see from the cover I created, this is pretty cool! You can order a digital download of your creation for just $12.95 or order a print of your image for $19.95. Add a nice frame, canvas or poster of your image for a fun and unique gift idea!