Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue Recipe
January 13, 2015 by

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This was exciting! I won the FAGOR Electric Multicooker a few months ago and couldn't wait to try it. I cook chicken breasts weekly and was tired of the normal curry, stew or BBQ, I wanted something American! The finished product turned out really good, but I did have to make a few tweaks to suit our taste buds!

Instead of using Italian dressing as suggested, I used Lawry's Herb & Garlic marinade. (Honestly, it was because I didn't have enough Italian dressing left). Also, we like seasoned meat. Usually I season meat overnight after cleaning it, or for at least an hour before cooking. But, because I never cooked using a slow cooker before, I decided to follow that part of the recipe. So I dropped the plain (clean) chicken in the cooker and poured the sauce over the meat. After the chicken breasts were cooked and I had a chance to taste the BBQ sauce, I felt as if some seasoned salt, parsley, red pepper flakes and scallions chopped really thin were necessary.

Aside from the taste, I wanted the meat to be really soft so after adding the seasoning I allowed it to cook an extra hour on low heat. I spent the final 10 minutes stirring and shredding the meat in the cooker. It was delicious and enough for us to feast on for the rest of the week!

  • My husband had his with rice and collard greens!
  • My kids had a pulled chicken sandwich!
  • I've had mine with mashed potatoes!

Either way, it's delicious!

My first time using the Fagor 3 in 1 cooker went without a hitch! Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue Recipe Attempt