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Body Tea Review (Green Tea Fat Burner)
December 8, 2015 by

When I go to the crossfit / bootcamp classes, it's early in the morning and I don't have much desire or time for a full breakfast. I usually just have my water and go, well now I've added a banana. However, my meal comes after my workout.

I drink green tea, but I wanted to try Body Tea's version since it claims to be a "Premium Detox Tea For Weight Loss". I'm working hard trying to lose weight, so in addition to my eating habits and workout routine, this should lead me where I want to be, right?

Since green tea is not something that should be had on an empty stomach, I will be drinking it with my breakfast and again some time in the early evening. I'm officially going to start drinking it November 30th. Stay tuned for the results!
Manufacturer Product Information:

  • All natural weight loss tea is a 14 day detox cleanse with premium selected ingredients crafted unlike many competitors. Great value with ingredients used over 10X more expensive.
  • Includes FREE WEIGHT LOSS eBOOK - for additional weight loss tips to help gain appetite control quickly.
  • The ideal appetite control teatox slimming tea with powerful Garcinia Cambogia added to burn body fat and lose weight naturally fast which helps prevent fat from being absorbed into the intestines, a true skinny teatox weight loss tea.
  • 28 premium large nylon pyramid tea bags.
Taste: The taste is absolutely delicious. I drink green tea and know the taste varies slightly depending on the maker, but this one had a minty after taste, not bitter like some teas.
Body Tea 14 Day Detox Tea
Feeling: No jitters, headaches or ill feelings. Usually after eating a meal, I feel sluggish. Drinking this with a meal, I felt like myself, energized but not wired and ready to move on to my next "thing".

Results: It did not suppress my appetite, but I was more mindful of what I ate and how much I ate while on this 14 day cleanse. I take crossfit/bootcamp classes 5 days a week, in addition to walking and the workouts I do at home. It would be difficult to tell if I lost weight due to the tea alone, but I did notice a boost in some areas. The scale isn't showing much of a difference, but there is a change in the way some of my athletic wear fits. It could be the results of my workout routine, but I must mention the tea gives me energy to workout more than I already do. Even my Instaslim tank is looser than it should be, so I ordered another one. My stomach and arms have definitely gotten smaller!

In terms of a cleanse, I'm not sure. I didn't have any more trips to the bathroom than usual.