Covergirl Shadow Pot Eye Shadows and Tru Blend Pressed Powder
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Covergirl Shadow Pot Eye Shadows and TruBlend Pressed Powder
February 13, 2014 by

Now that Walmart matches the sales of local stores I couldn't wait to check out their make-up section! Covergirl was on sale for Buy One Get One Free, plus I had coupons! Woohoo!

The Covergirl Shadow Pot Eye Shadows are regularly $3.84 in Walmart ($5 in drug stores), but for the BOGO sale I got two for $3.84 and used my $3 off two coupon. Basically I paid 44 cents for each one. Big savings!

I've always wanted to try their TruBlend Pressed Powder because I've been using their Clean Pressed Powder but it doesn't fully cover up blemishes (my Homer mouth). I wanted to see how well the TruBlend works. I was surprised because the color I would have to choose is actually lighter than my own complexion, but it appears darker when I put it on.
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Ronda Writes Disclaimer: The above review is my own honest opinion of this product.

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Covergirl Shadow Pot Eye Shadows and Tru Blend Pressed Powder
TruBlend - Opinion while putting it on: You have to be careful not to use as much as you would use with another brand or powder type because I felt as if I looked like an ashy clown. It cakes easily, but rubs off easily (not necessarily a good thing). I wiped my face clean then reapplied it just once around my face. It was OK, but not the look I had hoped for.

Thoughts after wearing for a few hours: For me, it's not worth the price. I work from home and I'm at the computer all day. I have a habit of touching my face and I happened to wipe my hand on tissue to see if there was powder on it and there was. That caused me to take a look at my face and I noticed that my forehead was getting a bit oily also. If this happened while I'm sitting at a computer, I can imagine how I'd look after being outdoors for a few hours. I will have to stick with the Clean Pressed Powder.

(Update 8/16/14) No more covergirl powders for me, I'm now a MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation fan! My sister FORCED me to try it and the results were flawless! I hated having to shell out the money for it, but considering the money I've wasted on the cheap powders, it's well worth the investment!)

Shadow Pot Eye Shadows - Opinion: I am an eye shadow hoarder. I have a ton of shadows. It does take a few strokes to get this powder to show strongly on my face but I like it. It blends to purple very nicely. This was a very good buy for what I paid and I would buy more, once more coupons are available, lol.

I decided to just blend the colors together for this post instead of leaving them pink and blue (I prefered pink and purple). I will take photos using the blue and purple once I have some plans, but I didn't feel like going all out with colors since I'll be indoors all day! :)
Covergirl Shadow Pot Eye Shadows and TruBlend Pressed Powder Review